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Well, we are certainly getting a good winter this year.  We all know how much we need the snow but I confess to looking forward to spring.  In the meantime, maybe we all need to bring a little spring into our lives.  Clients are coming in looking for lighter, brighter nails and a few more highlights in the hair and if that's what it takes to bring some springtime into our lives, we say lets do it!   


Don't forget our annual sale.  ALL SALON PRODUCTS are on sale - Buy two items get 10% off, buy three items get 15% off and buy 3 or more items get 20% off.  Now is the time to stock up on your favorite Unite, Nicolas and Cosmedix products! 

Plus, we still have some awesome gift items left.  Have you got your Bagnet yet?  Never leave your purse on the floor again.  These powerful magnets will hold your purse to any metal - think bathroom stall, table or chair legs in a restaurant.  They are amazing!

And, check out the Running Buddy.  These are perfect for holding your phone, etc when you don't have pockets and don't want to carry a purse.  Once again, strong magnets hold it unobtrusively in the waistband of your pants.  Perfect!