Four Star Salon Services

Welcome to Salon Glow!

Well, we have survived the hectic holidays and now we are enjoying the winter season.  And, what a winter it has been so far - lots of much needed snow, rain and cold weather.  So we decided we needed a change and we have changed the salon around and we love it!  Stop in to the salon and check it out.

All that cold, blustery weather is very drying to our skin, hair and nails.  This is the perfect time to schedule a deep conditioning treatment to make your hair shiny and beautiful.  Or, why not try a brand new color or cut?  Any of our stylists would be happy to schedule an appointment to jazz up your look.

Harsh conditions can be tough on our precious skin.  Let Mary pamper you with one of her signature facials or exfoliating treatments.  Your skin will look and feel so much more beautiful. moisturized and refreshed.

Many people save their pedicures for spring and summer but really, those feet need special care all year round.  Our nail techs can give you an amazing gel pedicure and there will be no need for that long wait while the polish dries.  You will be able to pop those newly softened and beautified tootsies right back into your boots and go on about your business with no down time.  

Stop in and “feel the glow"!